Most Common Furnace Problems

If you find that your furnace stops working as well as it used to, it’s time to start looking much more closely at it. You want to monitor your furnace in order to ensure that you aren’t allowing smaller problems to spiral into much larger ones. If you don’t proactively take care of problems, they could quickly become much more expensive ones. In fact, with enough attention to detail, you may even be able to spare yourself having to replace your furnace when it is freezing outside. The key thing is knowing what to look out for and being able to spot early trouble signs. Below, we will be going over some of them.

Signs Of Furnace Problems:

1. Your Furnace Keeps Shutting Off

If you turn your furnace on and it doesn’t take long for it to shut off by itself, you may be dealing with issues that can impact the performance of your furnace. There are various things that can cause your heating system to shut off prematurely. For one, you may have a fan motor that is malfunctioning or dying. You may also have a heat sensor that is unable to effectively gauge temperature because it is blocked by dirt and dust buildup.

2. Your Burner’s Flame Is Yellow

Pay close attention to your burner when it ignites. If it ignites in a yellow flame, you may be dealing with a dirty burner. The color of the frame can indicate that you aren’t getting a full burn on your gas. This can lead to numerous problems. For one, it can curb the performance of your furnace. However, even more important, it can cause venting issues that can be very dangerous due to it not getting rid of harmful carbon monoxide.

3. Your Flue Is Rusted

Another common sign that can pinpoint major issues with your system would be a rusted flue. This can be the direct result of various things including leaks from a plumbing line. If you have rust developing in your flue lines, it can pose a hazard because your furnace depends on your flue lines to expel excess levels of CO. With rusted lines, it will allow CO to re-enter your home which can be toxic.

4. You’re Dealing With A Build-Up Of Moisture

One sign that you should be on the lookout for is excess moisture build-up on your walls or even on your ceiling. While it doesn’t always point to issues with your furnace, it could result from a malfunctioning furnace because it could signal there isn’t good airflow in your home.

5. Your Utility Bills Are Getting Out Of Hand

While this isn’t the best way to identify a furnace issue, a malfunctioning furnace can contribute to a spike in your utility bills. After all, your furnace is going to have to work much harder to heat your home if it’s not able to push as much air through or if it’s dealing with issues directly impacting its performance. One of the very first things you should be doing is checking the filter to ensure that it isn’t being forced to work much harder than it should.

6. There Is An Obvious Leak

If you find yourself inspecting your furnace and there is a leak developing next to it, you have a problem. The very first thing you should be doing is figuring out where the leak is coming from. The next thing you want to do is figure out if the leak occurs when you are using the heat or just the air conditioner.

7. You Have Pests

You will find various pests like rats capable of doing significant damage to your furnace. Not only can they build nests that can clog up your vents, but they can chew through your furnace’s wires and more.

8. Your Furnace Is Very Old

Unfortunately, your furnace isn’t going to last forever. In fact, you will find the majority of them lasting around 20 years. The furnaces you will find on the market nowadays have much greater energy efficiency which means if your furnace is breaking down due to being old, it might be best to simply replace it altogether. Visit: Acticalc Heating & Cooling company for more details

9. Constant Attention

If your furnace is demanding constant attention and you find that you are calling a professional service repairman too often, it may be a sign that you are dealing with a much larger issue that is likely to creep up in the future.

10. Your Home Isn’t Heating Consistently

If you find that your home is not getting heated up evenly, you are likely dealing with a malfunctioning furnace. It could be that it is unable to properly circulate the air throughout your home for even heat distribution.

11. Thermostat Issues

If you are finding that you are having to constantly worry about your thermostat and make adjustments, it might be that your thermostat is going bad. Otherwise, it could be an issue directly related to your furnace.

12. Unusual Noises

While just about every furnace makes different noises during operation, you want to listen for new noises. In particular, you want to check for rattling as it could be a sign you have parts failing or loose that may be causing some issues with the furnace.

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